Bobcat, Snow and Tennessee


I have not put a new journal entry in here since 2006... wow, that's a while.  I promise to do better.*

*actually, all of the following can now be considered "archives" as I am switching my journal over to my blog. So click on left on "blog" to read my latest ramblings...

I saw a bobcat in the wild for the first time in my life a couple of days ago, in the snow, in Nashville, TN.  Snow in Nashville is only slightly less unusual than my seeing a bobcat, since I can count on one hand the times it has actually snowed in Nashville since I moved here in '97, although it was snowing when I drove into town - with my friend Mark driving the gigantic rental truck following my tiny Toyota Tercel carrying me and my three disgruntled daughters - snowing all the way from Lincoln, Nebraska to Nashville... The “one-hand” disclaimer is that while snow has fallen from the sky to instantly melt a handful of times, or it has lightly dusted some surfaces to the point where one might say, "I think it might be snowing," or "What is that?” – the accumulation to the point of what I would call real snow is back to four or five times in 13 years.

So back to the bobcat - so graceful, so lovely against the snow covered ground. It was very small bobcat, just a little bigger than a house cat, which I mistook it for at first.  Then I saw the extra wide limbs with the leopard like prints and the dark fur pointing down from either side of its face. I was stopped at a light as he/she was attempting to cross HWY 100. The little cat seemed to be traffic savvy, cautiously looking around. As I was driving away, I saw it change its mind and go back into the woods it had emerged from.  Be safe little bobcat, it’s a dangerous world, where humans are the most dangerous animals…

peace and love,

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