Gosh, I don't even know where to begin, it was so crazy. I saw lots of folks I know, met at least as many more, talked myself hoarse, heard some wonderful music, played ten guerilla showcases, got some great leads on future gigs, collected as many cds as I gave away, stayed up late late late until the sun came up a couple nights playing music -- mostly in Chandler Travis' fabulous all night jam room. The first two days, however, were just peaceful and sweet, because my sweet husband Charlie was there to play with his regular band, the amazing John Jorgenson Quintet. Since there's five of them they got three hotel rooms, and John so very graciously gave up his executive suite room to me and Charlie so we just hung out together and had some R&R since both of us have been working a bit too hard the last few months. So that was real nice and romantic. Then Charlie went on to Houston and then home to Nashville, and the Folk Alliance madness kicked into high gear. I moved into my room with Anne Feeney, Jay Mankita & Vicki Russell, appropriately named THE CROWDED ROOM. It was on a music floor... to be continued

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