From the recording Somewhere in Kentucky

all true, I swear!


SOMEWHERE IN KENTUCKY words & music by Laurie McClain

Somewhere in Kentucky
on a greyhound bus
From the window seat
I happened to look up
I saw lights flashing way up high
darting through the stars
like fireflies

now there's no airplane
can do that
no rocket ship
built by earthly hands
I rubbed my eyes
and said, oh, no,
I'm staring straight up
at a UFO
oh no, I see a UFO

well yes it's true
I had the flu
but this lasted more
than a minute or two
and believe me I tried
to talk myself out of it
but it was crystal clear
and now you'll have to
bear the doubt of it
oh, no, I saw a UFO

And I got to thinkin’…
I guess it's kind of
crazy to assume
that we're the only
inhabited planet
in a possible infinity
and if there are more folks
out there in space
another species
another human race
could they have
had space technology
for more than 50 years
say, like, a thousand
a thousand years
of rocket ships
what a trip
oh, no, I saw a UFO

do they have a peaceful answer
cures for AIDS and cancer
have they reached a state of bliss
or any higher consciousness
do they want to end the wars
can they knock on heaven's door
I've got a thousand questions more
oh, no, I saw a UFO
oh, no, I saw a UFO