From the recording Some Forgotten Dare

wrote this for my friend Shirley


it seems you've lived a lifetime
in just a few short years
so much intensity
in your laughter and your tears
have you ever thought
about slowing down
taking a real good look around
letting things happen naturally
you are so much like me

it's like we're on some crazy
ride at a fair
flying around in circles
never going anywhere
feeling kind of sick
and a little bit scared
all for some forgotten dare
all for some forgotten dare

everything you want
is always a minute away
traveling the speed of sound
keeping consequence at bay
but there's a sadness
inside of you
you're trying hard to hide
you never stick around
long enough to let it show
it's clear to me cause I know

well I'm getting too old
now I want to come down
what do you say we jump
the next time we're near the ground
if we could make it off this midway
lose these barkers and these clowns
I think there's something
better to be found
I think there's something
better to be found