From the recording Your Love Is Everywhere


I'm sitting here at my kitchen table
staring at these flowers you gave me
they are the most beautiful flowers
I've seen in my life
wish they could last forever
but I know they will have to wither
I'm going to press one in my Bible
to remember this night

'cause your love is sacred to me
and I cherish the time we share
your love surrounds and moves all through me
your love is everywhere

when you first held my hand
so gentle and tight
I was kind of nervous
but then it felt so right
and I will never forget
our first precious kiss
and how you whispered to me
it's always going to be like this


and we don't know how long we'll have
here on this earth
I will never take you for granted
'cause I know what you're worth
as we grow old into life's mysteries
I will pray to meet you in eternity